The Suburbia Bridge Clubs

Team games last Tuesday and Thursday of every month


New West is now holding two team games a month.

One on the second Thursday, and one on the last Thursday of each month.


Play your Imp matches on Thursdays, and get pre-duplicated boards with hand records,

good snack food, a friendly director and a lovely hostess!

Please let me know by the preceding Monday so that I can make boards and hand records for your match.

Please note that John Demeulemeester will run all my games from Jan. 13th. to Jan. 29th.

Please contact him if you need help.

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New Westminster Results -620 eight street- “Century House” Game starts at 7.00pm

                                Dec. 11   Dec. 18   Jan. 08

Burnaby Results -2776 east Broadway-“Bridge Center” Game starts at 7.00pm

                            Dec. 09   Dec. 16  Dec. 23  Dec. 30


Bridge articles for intermediate players.

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The Drury Convention.   The Major Suit Limit Raise.  The one NT opening in Standard American.  The Splinter Bid.  Traps to avoid as opener.  Using Stayman after 1NT or 2NT opening.  Various bridge tips.